888Accounting is a tool for business owners who are pondering on the idea outsource accounting for themselves or their business of any scale. Congratulations, business owner. Would that be a new business or an established business? Either way, you’ll deal with the numbers, or the numbers will deal with you.

Don’t Try Accounting on Your Own, Hire Trained Professionals

If you’ve managed to do the books on your own, that’s great! However, the reality of the situation is, your business is going to start growing -- that’s the idea, right? Your business is going to get bigger and bigger, to a point where one of two things will happen. Either you:
  • Begin to get into aspects of accounting that you don’t understand.
  • You start to get so busy that you can’t keep up with the accounting.
Both situations are right for making mistakes, which will cost you money, time, hardship, and undue stress down the road.

Focus On Your Business, We’ll Focus on the Accounting

If you’re an established or newly-formed company, you face certain challenges. One big challenge is that you have to stay focused on building and growing your business. Then, on top of that, you need solid financial management, both of which are full-time jobs. You likely don’t have in-house accounting, which is why you’re here. For those who would rather not hire a CPA or an accountant (whose base income is over $62,000 a year), a viable option is to outsource the accounting duties.

Save Money, Time, and gain Peace of Mind

According to the SCORE Association, the majority of small business owners spend over 40 hours a year on tax preparation -- an entire work week. Not only that, the annual cost of tax administration, internal spending, and legal fees amount to a majority of businesses spending at least $1,000-$5,000 a year on top of what you pay in taxes. Are you wasting time on payroll? How many hours a month are you spending going over budget and making sure your employees get paid? That costs you money and time simultaneously. Stop that right now, please. No matter the size of your business or the scale of your fundraising, will tailor our services to custom-fit your needs. We’ll stand tall with you at every stage of your company’s lifecycle. Our easy web-based system allows your business to go green. We can set you up with bill pay and cloud-based accounting systems configured to meet the needs of your business and drive you to new heights of success. Choose while it’s still a choice. Utilizing outsourced accounting will be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made for your business when you choose 888Accounting. Call (720) 507-4652 today to get started.

Individual Tax Preparation
Our Individual Tax Preparation services include tax preparation and advice by an EA or a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). We include a mid-year review and consultation.

Remote Controller
Ideal for businesses with revenue between $5-15 million. Let our team at 888Accounting become your controller and part of your business management team.

New Business Consultation
Whether you wish to establish an LLC, a S-Corp, a C-Corp, or a Sole Proprietorship, we can assist. Our New Business Consultation service includes support from the ground up.

Monthly Accounting Services
Our Monthly Accounting Services entail everything from balance sheets and payroll services to the preparation of your business tax returns. We can also provide you with accounting training and support for your staff.

Download Free e-book
It’s possible to increase your net-worth and your self-worth at the same time! Download my free eBook, BOLD MOVES, to discover and overcome the top 5 money blocks standing between you and wealth.

If you have questions about our accounting services or tax preparation services or would like to schedule an appointment to discuss your specific business or individual tax and accounting needs please contact us.

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