We all know the risks of starting a new business. But only the business owner/operator who's been opening and closing up shop 5-7 days a week truly knows the hardships and headaches of running a business. Running your own business is going to be both the most rewarding and the most challenging thing you’ve ever done. But it’s one heck of a thing to try to take it on all alone. Here’s why: As you probably know very well, the challenge that every business owner/operator has to contend with, is positioning their company in the ideal spot to prosper now and down the road. The inevitable challenge you might not think about is streamlining financial planning, management of financial risks, record-keeping, and incorporating hard-line financial reporting. That’s starting to sound like two separate jobs, isn’t it? Well, that’s because being a CEO and being a CFO are two different things. Both will require your full-time attention.

888Accounting.com Mitigates Risk

We provide outsourced CFO, controller, and operational accounting services from experienced professionals focused on the growth and success of your business.

What Does a CFO Do?

Good question. Your Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is the person responsible for managing all financial risks and overseeing financial planning of your company. The CFO leads and manages all accounting, finance, and administrative personnel. It’s a huge responsibility, which usually means it comes with a heavy price tag. Investopedia asserts that the average CFO salary is $313,541 per year. 888Accounting can help you sidestep the burdensome cost of hiring a full-time chief financial officer. Get ready to start working with senior finance executives for a fraction of the cost of hiring a CFO full time, which will propel your business forward in new ways. We have a team of CPAs and MBAs who can give you expert advice, and we custom tailor our approach, scaling our services to suit the exact needs of your business.

Free Your Mind to Create Opportunities

Part of running a business is hiring the right people and letting them do what they need to do. Your 888Accounting outsourced CFO will make strategic decisions which will ensure the profitability of your company, drive shareholder value, and save money on overhead. 888Accounting provides solutions unique to your business. We’ll help you solve lingering operational accounting problems, providing financial planning services with outsourced CFO capabilities. Call (303) 968-3281 today to get started.
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